Our Team


Donna is our beautiful super amazing fantastically awesome Owner of Bella Bella Cupcakes and Super Mom. She’s the only person who could work a full time Managing position in Downtown Seattle, raise 6 kids, be our “Fearless Leader”, and still look fantastic doing it all. We are all her little Bella Babies and she is our unofficial Mom (or maybe hip sister, you tell us!) who takes us under her wing and helps guide us through the workplace as well as our every day lives. She loves to have fun and play around with us even when she isn’t here. In fact, currently has hidden an Elf in our humble abode and has the whole crew searching every nook and cranny trying to find it. Donna is such an amazing boss that she has had employees leave Bella Bella (because life takes you away sometimes) and then return to her at a later time because they love working for her that much. She has a loud, proud, uncensored but addicting personality that you have to love. We are all so proud to be a part of Bella Bella Cupcakes and can’t wait to keep working for this lovely lady.



Bodie is our amazing Wedding Coordinator and our Lead Front of the House. He is always such a hard worker and we aren’t even sure if he knows how to stop working. When he’s not setting up weddings or manning our front counter he’s in the kitchen making custom fondant pieces or happily doing dishes. He’s the only one in the kitchen that needs to protect the beauty of his hands, thus him being referred to as the “Dish glove wearing ninja”. He keeps our shop stylish and one employee said “Bodie is a beautiful man. He knows how to rock a bowtie. Respect.” He is always willing to help others and go out of his way to try and brighten your day. One quote that everyone here at Bella Bella can agree on is “Bodie is the cheerleader of encouragement”.



Stacy is our incredibly talented Cake Decorator. She is one of the hardest workers we know and it’s only proven by the fact that she works another job full time and then works through the night making amazing cakes for us. She was described as “40% blood/bones/organs and 60% energy drinks”. Stacy is so talented she can pretty much make anything you ask for into a cake while sometimes adding her fun personality into the cakes. If you’ve ever seen Stacy she also likes to express herself with fun socks of all different kinds. “She wears the coolest socks and makes the best cakes ever!”. She will always go out of her way to help make your dream cakes. We count ourselves lucky to have her as part of our Bella Bella team because we not only gained an amazing decorator but we also gained a great friend.