About Us


Since January 15, 2011 Bella Bella Cupcakes has been rolling out their signature handheld goods from a notoriously weird location at 10726 NW Silverdale Way in Silverdale, WA. Sandwiched between the car trifecta of gas station, lube shop and tire store Bella Bella Cupcakes brings a lighter touch to what would be one greasy corner.

Bella Bella Cupcakes is the love child of Donna Wharton, who bemoaned the loss of her job in 2009 to some girlfriends. They’d been having regular gatherings with cupcakes and coffee, which Donna would bring with her from over the water after her work day. Always looking for the sweet spot, Donna felt the loss of those cupcake dates sharply. When she wondered what she and her friends would do without their supply, an ambition with depths yet unimagined was born. Not many weeks later Donna and her partner in cupcake crime were baking like madwomen and nurturing the seed that would become the hottest boutique cupcake shop in Kitsap County.

Their love for hard work and creative designs quickly amassed Bella Bella Cupcakes a following at local farmers markets and parties. Memorable themes and unique flavors have helped Bella Bella grow ever stronger. Some popular flavors are “La Petit Cochon” (The Little Pig), a french-toast cake with maple butter-cream, “The Big O” (based on the title of a Shel Silverstein classic) is an Oreo-vanilla cake with vanilla butter-cream packed in Oreo crumbs, and “Almond Joy” based on the beloved candy bar are among the many offerings. With a fire in their ovens and more orders to fill than there were available hours in rented commercial kitchens, Donna began seeking a permanent home from which to bake and sell her hotly sought goods.

Outstanding requests have expanded the bakers’ and designers’ creative conquests. Many a wedding table has been graced by tuxedoed and shimmering cupcakes, marriage proposals have been made with elegance in the palm of nervous hands, and themed events have ranged from Alice in Wonderland to Naughty Bachelorette to broken hearted consolation parties. The talented cupcakers are intimately connected with their cake batters and piping bags and they are always expanding ever further. Bella Bella Cupcakes is now offering gluten-free/vegan cupcakes every Thursday and Saturday, and french macarons, gluten-free brownies, and rustic mini pies daily.