Juliana's AMAZING New Store, Where to Find Bella Bella Cupcakes, and Upcoming Events

Craft shows, grand opening visits, and Bella Bella Cupcakes” first retail shop location planning, oh my! We never know where the day will take us …

This past weekend, Bella Bella Cupcakes set up shop at the Blondie”s Holly Daze Craft Show in Port Orchard, WA. After showcasing our seasoned, market acquired, roadie booth set-up (20 minutes flat, no lie!), we settled in for a nice steady stream of meeting new faces and saying hi to old friends. We must admit, it is one of our favorite parts about cupcakeing! We feel so honored to share your special moments, even the little ones! It was also exciting when a few of you told us that you had come to the show just to see us. One particular Theresa came to chat for a few minutes about her love of cupcakes and told us about a cute new store just across the way from the show. So of course, we had to steal some time to stop by! Luckily, the very capable Yasmine had decided to make some Crafty Party banners and pinwheel cupcake pics to sell at the show and agreed to man the booth while we snuck away.

Coming out of the show and looking towards Juliana”s, we were looking for a “Grand Opening” kind of party. We could see a small brown a-board sign and some balloons and not much else to draw us in. But, Theresa had talked it up good and “curiouser and curiouser”, we wanted to see what was inside. 

Amazed, we walked into a well thought-out and planned open and airy space that was full of stuff we could take all day to look at! Well,  Amie could take all day. Donna likes to quickly move thru shopping. The floors are light wood, the walls color blocked in sage and light blue and brown to seperate settings, and the ceiling is lavender.  The displays were placed so that they drew you from one to the next and we found ourselves repeating often “Oh, that”s cuuute!” or “That would be fabulous on/at/in…”. Juliana”s is the perfect blend of vintage, hip, and mod. There is tableware and linens, bedding, furniture, perfumes and soaps, lots of perfect gift items, toys, bags, jewelry and accessories, and amazing clothing!  The girls in the store are helpful and sweet. There”s even a little play room to keep your kiddos happy while you blissfully wander the store. We think it”s certainly worth finding their offbeat location and setting aside a few hours (if you”re Amie) or less (20 minutes flat, no lie, if you”re Donna) to check out this online slots really cool store.

Juliana”s is located at 1541 SE Piperberry Way, Suite 105 in Port Orchard.

Now, since the end of Market Season, we”ve heard that some of you are having a hard time finding us so here are the spots you can get a cupcake on the fly:

Cornerstone Coffee

Corner of 5th and Pacific, Downtown Bremerton

Trident Coffee Bar

102 State Ave, Bremerton, Just outside the PSNS State Street Gate

We would love to have our cupcakes carried in coffee shops in Poulsbo, Kingston, Port Orchard, and Gig Harbor as well. We like to work with local owners who are hands on at their shop. If you have any suggestions, please let us know!

Also, our winter craft show and event schedule is booked to include most every weekend between now and Christmas! Check the facebook page for locations and schedules. And, of course, we are always happy to bake to order! Currently we are baking on Monday mornings, Thursday evenings, and Saturday mornings and can arrange a pick-up or delivery. Please check for order instructions and info.

PS- As we are writing this blog, the ink on our NEW LEASE is drying and we will be announing our retail location address soon!