Fantasy Farmer's Market

Oh, the Farmer”s Market! What is it about farming that is so romantic? Some of my fondest childhood memories are of my Great-Grandma Shoemaker, who was an avid gardener, and my Mother in my Grannie”s garden. By avid  I mean that every inch of her 2-or-so acres was covered in neat little rows of something she had planted as a seed, nurtured and loved, picked and ate, canned, or otherwise put to good purpose. My Mom certainly acquired a love of the dirt from my Great-Grandma and although she gave up vegetables a while ago, her flower gardens are such to envy. And even for myself, as busy as a girl can be, I still carve out time to work my small plots, usually ending up with an abundance of this and too little of that. There”s just something about digging and planting and having my children next to me watching and learning, soil smeared on their faces and stuck beneath their fingernails, that makes me feel connected to my matriarchs and responsible for perpetuating a love and bond that can only be made in the dirt.

Sometimes I get that same warm fuzzy feeling  just walking thru the farmer”s market, usually to find the items I failed to plant, water, grow, and harvest properly or just not at all. I feel a soul connection to my fellow gardeners and the hard work behind their bountiful offerings. Not to mention a sense of responsibility for providing my family with fresh, healthy food and a feeling of triumph over commercialism, support of the local economy, sustainability, and overall granola green-ness.

And as I”m walking, humming a happy song, toting my re-usable shopping bags, and musing over dinner making ideas I recently read in Martha Stewart”s Everyday Food Magazine, I think to myself, “How can the farmer”s market be any more perfect?”.

Well, I have the answer! And it”s cupcakes! Yes, I”m talking about rich, buttery, decadent, sugary sweetness directly next to freshly grown and picked greens and flowers. Healthy food, jameshallison casino heavenly cupcakes, and environmental and social responsibility all combined in one convenient location brought to you by local farmers and Bella Bella Cupcakes. If this were a novel, Fabio would be on the cover- hair flowing in the gentle breeze, a basket of fresh greens on his crooked arm, cupcake in hand, and a fair maiden at his side, heart-a-flutter in anticipation of the delicious frosting.

Now that you are all worked up for some cupcakes, here is where you can find Bella Bella for the next 28 weeks at a farmer”s market close to your house (Fabio appearance not guarenteed):

Silverdale Farmer”s Market

Tuesdays 11-4

Port Orchard Farmer”s Market

Saturdays 9-3

Port Gamble Sunday Market


Here are some pics from the Silverdale Farmer”s Market Opening Day:

Look for Bella Bella Cupcakes at the Farmer's Market!

Different flavors every week! What's your favorite? Take them home in singles, half dozens, and dozens!

Box a single cupcake and add a special message for a perfect cupcake gift!

See you at the Farmer”s Market!