Cupcake Camp Seattle Preparation

Oh boy, are we excited!!  Thanks to a heads up from Angela Dice of the Kitsap Sun, we have decided to participate in the First Annual Cupcake Camp Seattle on Saturday, April 10, 2010. This is a rock star event that will be raising money for the Hope Heart Institute, an organization that supports research and funding for a cause that hits very close to home for us here at Bella Bella. Especially for Donna who was diagnosed with an operable heart condition at a young age. The event is free to attend so we hope to see you there and we are asking for your help in our preparation!

First, here”s some info about Hope Heart Institute:

A Message About Hope: The Hope has a 50-year history of revolutionary medical advances and educational curricula that make heart disease – America”s No. 1 cause of death – more treatable, beatable, and preventable. We are a Bellevue, Washington-based 501(c)(3) non-profit. 

 We couldn”t exist without your support!

Our Mission : The mission of the Hope Heart Institute is serving humanity through cardiovascular research and education. We are dedicated to preventing and treating heart and blood vessel disease, and to improving the physical, emotional and spiritual quality of life for all at risk of – or affected by – cardiovascular disease.  

Now, Cupcake Camp Seattle has already gotten committed participation from some big Seattle Cupcake Companies like Trophy, Wink, and New York Cupcakes. We can”t wait to rub elbows and exchange ideas with such successful individuals! And although we are still small, we know we can totally hang!!

So here is where all you Bella Bella Also, wenn eine progressive Runde ausgelöst wird oder wenn ein Spieler sich für ein progressiven Spielautomat bei einem online Casino entscheidet, hat er zu berücksichtigen, dass er einen maximalen Wetteinsatz machen muss. fans get to kick in. There will be a judged cupcake contest at Cupcake Camp Seattle!! And the judges are actually some pretty well known and important people who are local but influence the cupcake trends all over the state and the country! What a tremendous opportunity for our little cupcake company!!! Obviously, we need to bring it. We need to make cupcakes for the following catagories:

Seattle Theme

Most Unique Ingredients


Like I said, here is where you all get to help. We have a couple of ideas knocking around in our brains but, we really want to hear what kind of cupcakes you want us to make for these categories! You fans have the best and most important opinions when it comes to our cupcakes and we want your ideas!! As long as you eat cupcakes, we want to hear how you think we should fill these categories. We”ll take ideas that are fully developed or not. If you do send us a recipe that we use, we will absolutely give you credit! And if we end up using your idea as the cupcake entrant, we “ll give you a free dozen cupcakes in a flavor of your choosing! You can send us your ideas by posting a comment to this blog, posting a comment to our facebook page, or just sending us an email. All links are on our homepage at We can”t wait to hear what  you have to say!!

We”ll post the results right before Cupcake Camp Seattle. We don”t want to give the set list away to the competition!!

Here are links to the organizations mentioned in this blog. Take a minute and check “em out!